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  dec12     33 Don't Spend The Night   Don't Spend The Night
  dec12     32 Dreams And Wishes   Dreams and Wishes
  dec12     31 Hotdog Boogie   Hotdog Boogie
28 dec12 Getting Over You Getting Over You    30 Rock and Roll Kiss Tonight           A Rock And Roll Kiss Tonight
27 nov12 Looking Good Looking Good   29 Shame On Me   Shame On Me
26 nov12 Wine, Women & Song Wine, Woman and Song   27 My Promises   My Promises
25 nov12 I Can't Help It I Can't Help It   26a Jealous Heart   Jealous Heart
24 nov12 Lucky Tonight Lucky Tonight   26 Disappearing Tail Lights   Disappearing Tail Lights
23 okt12 You Own My Heart You Own My Heart   25 If I Was A Single Man   If I Was A Single Man
21 okt12 All Good All Good   24 Ford Boogie   Ford Boogie
20 okt12 New Train New Train   23 Second Hand Tequila   Second Hand Tequila
  sep12     22 Under The Boardwalk   Under The Board Walk
19 sep12 Middle Of Nowhere Middle Of Nowhere   21 Can't Let Go   Can't Let Go
18 sep12 Feeling Kinda Lonely Feeling Kinda Lonely   20 What A Thrill   What A Thrill
17 sep12 Its Alright It's Allright   19 Take These Chains From My Heart  
"Take These Chains From My Heart" van Lee Roy Parnell
Deze muziek gebruikt voor de dans: "Sweet Talk & Good Lies"                    
Sweet Talk & Good Lies
16a juni12 The Girl From Yesterday Girl From Yesterday   18A I'm No Good   I'm No Good
16 juni12 Barbados Carol Barbados Carol   18 Just Walk Away   Just Walk Away
15 juni12 Just One Look Rumba Just One Look Rumba   17 Cheatin' Heart   Cheatin' Heart
14 mei12 Open Book Open Book   16 Blue Crying Eyes   Blue Crying Eyes
13 mei12 Singing the Blues Singing The Blues   15 Love You In A Barrel   Love You In A Barrel
  april12     14 My Special Prayer   My Special Prayer
  april12     13   If You're Ever
  april12     12 Looking For A Fool   Looking For A Fool
  april12     11 Blue Cafe   Blue Cafe
12 april12 Cha Cha Espana Cha Cha Espana   10 Whispering Your Name   Whispering Your Name
11 maart12 Broken Stones Broken Stones   09 Hot Love   Hot Love
10 maart12 Love You 2 Much Love You 2 Much   08 Excuse Me While I Cry   Excuse Me While I Cry
09 maart12 DHSS DHSS   07 Forever I Love You   Forever I Love You
08 febr12 Virginia County Line Virginia County Line   06 Say Hello   Say Hello
07 febr12 Together After All Together After All   05 Make A Fool Out Of Me   Make a fool out of me
04 jan12 Little Black Book. Little Black Book   04 Go Seven   Go Seven
03 jan12 Stroll Alone Cha Cha Stroll Alone Cha Cha   03 Just One Look   Just One Look
02 jan12 Lindy Shuffle Lindy Shuffle   02 Can I Count On You   Can I Count On You
01 jan12 Freeze Freeze   01 Clinging To You   Clinging To You
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