Country Linedance Ede ( C L E )__"Uitgeleste Dansen bij de Blackhorse Linedancers Hilversum"__

The Blackhorse Linedancers in Hilversum
Nr. Filmpjes  Datum Sheet
126 Muziekfilm Sittin By The River 08-01-19 Sittin By The River
125 Side By Side 11-12-18 Side By Side
124 Special Delivery 27-11-18 Special Delivery
123 Missing Merle 13-11-18 Missing Merle (haggard)
122 Green Green Grass Of Home 13-11-18 Green Green Grass Of Home
121 Don't Cha 16-10-18 Don't Cha
120 Cha Cha Tomorrow 02-10-18 Cha Cha Tomorrow
119 Hey Rosalie 02-10-18 Hey Rosalie
118 Beneath Stil Waters 18-10-18 Beneath Still Waters
117 Have I Told You 04-09-18 Have I Told You
116 Ain't Got One Honky Tonk 31-08-18 Ain't Got One Honky Tonk
115 Muziekfilm You Deserve Better 19-06-18 You Deserve Better
114 Muziekfilm The Only Love 19-06-18 The Only Love
113 Chances Are 29-05-18 Chances Are
112 On This Night 29-05-18 On This Night
111 Alice 08-05-18 Alice
110 Just A Country Boy 10-04-18 Just A Country Boy
109 All My Best 10-04-18 All My Best
108 All he Kings Horses 13-03-18 All The Kings Horses
107 We've Got Time 27-02-18 We've Got Time
105 The Older I Get 13-02-18 The Older I Get
104 Be Yourself 16-01-18 Be Yourself
103 The Countriest 16-01-18 The Countriest
102 Someone Loves You Honey 02-01-18 Someone Loves You Honey
101 Honky Tonk Moon 21-11-17 Honky Tonk Moon
100 I Said I Loved You ( But I Lied) 07-11-17 I Said I Loved You ( But I Lied)
99 Just An Illusion 10-10-17 Just An Illusion
98 Autumn Rose 10-10-17 Autumn Rose
97 Whiskey Tears 15-08-17 Whiskey Tears
96 Tropical Depression 18-07-17 Tropical Depression
95 I Must Be Dreaming 04-07-17 I Must Be Dreaming
94 Over The Moon 27-06-17 Over The Moon
93 Cigarettes & Coffee Blues 23-05-17 Cigarettes & Coffee Blues
92 Boogie Boogie Woogie 14-03-17 Boogie Boogie Woogie
91 Her Latest Fool 14-02-17 Her Latest Fool
90 Movin And A Groovin 27-09-16 Movin And Groovin
89 The Bop 30-08-16 The Bop
88 Everynight 16-08-16 Everynight
87 How Far Is Heaven 02-08-16 How Far Is Heaven
86 One Too Many 02-08-16 One Too Many
85 My Mother My Teacher My Friend 19-07-16 My Mother My Teacher My Friend
84 Hugs & Kisses 05-07-16 Hugs & Kisses
83 Coastline 21-06-16 Coastline
82 Pretty Tears 07-06-16 Pretty Tears
81 Begging 2 U 21-05-16 Begging 2 U
80 Fool In Love 10-05-16 Fool In Love
79 Teddy Bear's Picnic 19-04-16 Teddy Bear's Picnic
78 Reasons For My Tears 12-04-16 Reasons For My Tears
77 Be Happy Now 12-04-16 Be Happy Now
76 Shattered Dreams 22-03-16 Shattered Dreams
75 My Reckless Heart 22-03-16 My Reckless Heart
74 Jamaica Farewell 29-03-16 Jamaica Farewell
73 Rivers Of Babylon    Rivers Of Babylon
72 This Little Spot   This Little Spot
71 Dance With Wolves   Dance With Wolves
70 You're On My Mind (Again)   You're On My Mind (Again)
69 Hello Jo (Josephine)   Hello Jo (Josephine)
68 Staying In Love       Staying In Love
67 Close Up The Honky Tonk    Close Up The Honky Tonk
66 You Taste Like Sugar       You Taste Like Sugar
65 Lipstick, Powder and Paint    Lipstick Powder and Paint
64 Ain't Going Nowhere   Ain't Going Nowhere
63 Big Blue Tree   Big Blue Tree
62 The City   The City
61 I Need You    I Need You
60 She Thinks I Still Care   She Thinks I Still Care
59 Nomi     Nomi
58 Good Bye Eyes   Good Bye Eyes
57 Love You Honey   Love You Honey
56 Come Sundown   Come Sundown
55 Strangers Love   Strangers Love (uitgelest door Betty en George)
54 Don't Worry 'Bout Me     Don't Worry Bout Me
53 Make A Fool Out Of Me     Make a fool out of me
52 Hidalgo Boogie   Hidalgo Boogie
51 Shakin Mix     Shakin Mix
50 You're Still On My Mind   You're Still On My Mind
49 My Little Weekend Girl   My Little Weekend Girl
48 Where Do I Go (With Me)   Where Do I Go (With Me)
47 That'll Be The Day   That'll Be The Day
46 Hangover Tonight   Hangover Tonight
45 The Fifth   The Fifth
44 Forever or History     Forever Or History
43 Two Timing Man     Two Timing Man
42 Her Memory        Her Memory
41 A Pretty World     A Pretty Worlduitgelest door John Warnars
40 Midnight Sky    Midnight Sky
39 Hillbilly Girl      Hillbilly Girluitgelest door John Warnars
38 1000 Ways (2 Love U)   
1000 Ways (2 Love U) 
  1000 Ways (2LoveU)uitgelest door John Warnars
37 Why Not Tonight      Why Not Tonight
36 Long Tall Sally      Long Tall Sally
35 Livin In Black & White   Livin In Black & White
34 Walking Angel      Walking Angel
33 My Dreams Come True    My Dreams Come True
32 A New Beginning    A New Beginning
31 Must Be Something   Must Be Something
30 See Rock City    See Rock City
29 Billy's Dream    Billy's Dream
28 In Your Arms (Again)    In Your Arms (Again)
27 It's Friday Night   It's Friday Night
26 Walking Out On You    Walking Out On You
25 Footsteps Of A Fool    Footsteps Of A Fool
24 I'll Be Yours   I'll Be Yours
23 Breakin-It     Breakin-It
22 Red Sails In The Sunset   Red Sails In The Sunset
21 It Keeps Right On Hurtin   It Keeps Right On Hurtin
21 Turned All Brown   Turned All Brown
19 Heart Of Hearts   Heart Of Hearts
18 There Goes My Heart Again   There Goes My Heart Again
17 Damn My Pride   Damn My Pride
16 Motel Time   Motel Time
15 We Gonna Rock   We Gonna Rock
14 Learn To Dance   Learn To Dance
13 Sun Of Jamaica   Sun Of Jamaica
12 Invitation To The Blues   Invitation To The Blues
11 geen film aanwezig   Cleveland Shuffle
10 Loving You In Mexico   Loving You In Mexico
9 Old School Rock & Roll   Old School Rock & Roll
8 The Jukebox     The Jukebox
7 Your Heater     Your Heater
6 King Of Your Heart   King Of Your Heart
5 We'll Dance   We'll Dance
4 But I Do    But I Do
3 Dream Lover     Dream Lover
2 Made Of Gold     Made Of Gold
1 Life Is Messy     Life Is Messy

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