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 Datum  Film Songtitel Artiest Sheet (Ned) Sheet (Eng)
03-2021 Cheating Songs I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today Moe Bandy Cheating Songs  
09-2020 Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu The Lennerockers Rockin; Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu  
06-2020 Red Hot Memory Red Hot Memory Cliff and his Lone Stars Red Hot Memory  
06-2019 Muziekfilm Pop A Top Pop A Top Alan Jackson Pop A Top  
12-2018 Muziekfilm Sittin By The River Sittin'By The River The Lennerockers Sittin By The River  
11-2018 The Same Eyes Drove Me Crazy The Same Eyes That Always Drove Me Crazy Charlie Pride The Same Eyes Drove Me Crazy  
08-2018 Muziekfilm D In Love D In Love Cliff Richard D In Love  
06-2018 The Only Love The Only Love Vince Gill The Only Love  
  Alt. Muziek It's Not The Words Desperado Love Sean McAloon    
08-2016 Muziekfilm It's Not The Words  Its Not The Words Lyle Lovitt It's Not The Words  
07-2016 How Far Is Heaven How Far Is Heaven Kathy Kane How Far Is Heaven How Far Is Heaven-Eng
06-2016 Pretty Tears Pretty Tears Gena Roberts Pretty Tears Pretty Tears-Eng
06-2016 Begging 2 U Begging To You Cindy Lauper Begging 2 U Begging 2 You-Eng
02-2016 You're On My Mind (Again) You're On My Mind (Again) Joanie Brooks You're On My Mind (Again)  
10-2015 City Lights   City Lights Rick Trevino City Lights  
08-2015 Don't Worry 'Bout Me   Don't Worry Bout Me Randy Travis Don't Worry Bout Me Don't Worry Bout Me-Eng
08-2015 Come Sundown   Come Sundown Rodney Crowell Come Sundown Come Sundown-Eng
  Alternatieve muziek Come Sundown Big Hair Bellamy Brothers    
03-2015 Forever or History   Stories We Could Tell The Mavericks Forever or History (Ned) Forever or History (Eng)
10-2014 In Your Arms (Again)   In Your Arms DK Davis In Your Arms (Again)  
10-2013 King Of Your Heart   From A Jack To A King Ray Dylan King Of Your Heart (Ned) King Of Your Heart (Eng)   
09-2013 Not My Heart   This Heart's Not Mine Texas Jamm Band Not My Heart (Ned) Not My Heart (Eng)
09-2013 You're Not Mine   Crazy Arms South Mountain You're Not Mine (Ned) You're Not Mine (Eng)
08-2013 Life Is Messy   Life Is Messy Dale Watson Life Is Messy(Ned) Life Is Messy(Eng)
07-2013 The Jukebox  
The Jukebox  
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Play The Jukebox John McNicholl The Jukebox (Ned)  The Jukebox (Eng
06-2013 Backstreet   Lovin' On Back Streets Daryle Singletary Back street (Ned) Back street (Eng)
06-2013 I Threw Away The Rose   I Threw Away The Rose Shane Worley I Threw Away The Rose (Ned) I Threw Away The Rose (Eng)
05-2013 Made Of Gold   Made Of Gold  Derek Ryan Made Of Gold (Ned) Made Of Gold (Eng)
02-2013 Rings And Roses   Take Yoyr Roses And Your Rings Wendell Roach Rings And Roses (Ned) Rings And Roses (Eng)
12-2012 Ancient History   Ancient History Prairie Oyster Ancient History (Ned) Ancient History (Eng)
12-2012 Don't Spend The Night   Why Don't You Spend The Night Ray Dylan Don't Spend The Night (Ned) Don't Spend The Night (Eng)
11-2012 I Can't Help It   I Can't Help It Linda Ronstadt I Can't Help It (Ned) I Can't Help It (Eng)
09-2012 Fallen Angel   She's Not A Fallen Angel Jean Stafford Fallen Angel (Ned) Fallen Angel (Eng)
09-2012 Under The Boardwalk   Under The Boardwalk Piet Veerman Under The BoardWalk (Ned) Under The BoardWalk (Eng)
09-2012 Middle Of Nowhere   Middle Of Nowhere Zoe Muth Middle Of Nowhere (Ned) Middle Of Nowhere (Eng)
02-2012 My Last Tears   I've Cried My Last Tears Ricky Van Shelton My Last tears  
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