Country Linedance Ede ( C L E )__"Uitgeleste Dansen 2013"__


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         dec 13           70 But I Do  But I Do
  dec 13     69 The Only One  The Only One
53 dec 13 Hear My Song Hear My Song   68 Kill The Spiders Kill The Spiders
52 nov 13 Honky Tonk Swing Honky Tonk Swing 67 No More You   No More You
51 nov 13 Only Time Will Tell Only Time Will Tell 66 Still Rockin   Still Rockin
50 nov 13 Twistin The Night Twistin The Night  64 Your Heater   Your Heater
49 nov 13 Dancing Fool Dancing Fool        
  okt 13     63 MFC   MFC
48 okt 13 Leavin' & Sayin' Goodbye Leavin' and Sayin'Goodbye   62 Rebel Amor   Rebel Amor
47 okt 13 That 55 Ford That 55 Ford   61 Dream Lover   Dream Lover
46 okt 13 The Craddle The Craddle        
   sep13     60 All Over Again   All Over Again
  sep13     59 Broken Memories   Broken Memories
45 sep13 The Rain Has Gone The Rain Has Gone   58 You're Not Mine   You're Not Mine
44 sep13 Fun In The Sun Fun In The Sun   57 Nobody's Fool   Nobodys's Fool
  sep13     56 Blurred Lines   Blurred Lines
  sep13     55 Blueberry Chill   Blueberry Chill
43 sep13 Blueberry Chill Blueberry Chill   54 Blue Over Me   Blue Over Me
  sep13     53 Life Is Messy   Life Is Messy
42 juni13 Banana Peel Banana Peel   52 Leave It To Me   Leave It To Me
41 mei13 A Quarter At A Time A Quarter At A Time   51 Made Of Gold   Made Of Gold
40 mei13 Bob To B Bob To B   50 Let It Be Love   Let It Be Love
  april13     49 Our House Of Love   Our House Of Love
39 april13 Judy Judy   48 Maverockin   Maverockin
38 april13 Stop Cheating On Me Stop Cheatin On Me   47 Breakin-It   Breakin-It
37 april13 Quality Shoe Quality Shoe   46 Rings And Roses   Rings And Roses
  maart13     45 Private Affair   Private Affair
  maart13     44 Olivia   Olivia
  maart13     43 Rattlesnake Cafe   Rattlesnake Cafe
36 maart13 Sweet Sweet Smile Sweet Sweet Smile   42 In-Vince-ible   In-Vince-ible
  maart13     41 I Need You   I Need You
35 maart13 I Need You I Need You   40 Blue Spanish Eyes   Blue Spanish Eyes
34 febr. 13 Joana Joana   39 Mexi-Fest   Mexi-Fest
33 febr. 13 Little Bluff Little Bluff         Knock Yourself Out   Knock Yourself Out
32 febr. 13 Crazy Postman Crazy Postman   38 KD Cha   KD Cha
  jan.13     37 Ancient History   Ancient History
31 jan.13 Honey Pie Honey Pie   36 Easy To See   Easy To See
30 jan.13 Chica Boom Boom Chica Boom Boom   35 Ready To Roll   Ready To Roll
29 jan.13 Sky Loves Blue Sky Loves Blue   34 Makin Waves   Makin' Waves
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